Hello, I have accidentally purchased a new subscription for Infinite Flight on a new account not on my existing account. I now need this subscription changed over to my existing account. I have already emailed support but I don't know if I will receive a reply before the weekend. Is there anything else I do to get this sorted? Thanks in advance.

Google Pixel 6 Pro
Android 14

You mean you bought a subscription for your account but you don’t have your IFC linked?

Hi, I’ve reinstalled Infinite Flight on my phone to play and it’s automatically logged me into an account that’s brand new and not checking beforehand, I’ve bought a new subscription but I don’t want it to be on that account. I wanted the subscription for my previous Infinite Flight account, so I need it changed over. My previous account is already linked to the Infinite Flight Community.


You can reach out to and they should be able to help you out with this.

I have sent them an email (Yesterday) but no reply. So looks like It’ll be Monday before anything happens.

@schyllberg is online often, so it will get handled. :)

Did you by chance pay through google play?

Schyllberg (Sebastian) has emailed me back this morning, getting it sorted now 🤞

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Seb to the rescue via email. 🙂