Hello anyone from Staff or ADM could help me please ?

For subscription problems contact
Also, can you please add what the problem is? Thanks!

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Well the problem is I can’t pay with PayPal account don’t know why I question is could some help activate the subscription and I will send the money to anyone

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sounds like a scam :p

Yeah unfortunately it will not work like that, someone can’t buy it for you and you pay them after. Do you have an apple or android device?

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I have the money …
It’s a IPhone

yeah but im pretty sure no one is going to trust someone to send them money, already taking into account that they dont know you

On apple, go to settings click on your profile, and you can add payment methods through there.

Well I try it that but can’t buy it
Have to add a bank account and I don’t have it

Do you have a payment method added can you possibly send a picture of what it says when you try?

Telling me to add a bank account

You need to add that money onto some type of card for it to work through apple. As you can’t buy a subscription using PayPal on apple.

Well I don’t have a bank account … that’s the issue

Ok pretty sure you need a bank account for a PayPal account but let me double check real quick.

It’s says here I need to add a bank account so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ok don’t understand how you transferred the 11 dollars onto PayPal then, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get a subscription then, as you cannot buy it through PayPal on apple.

I friend send it to me

Yeah I just remembered people can give you it, but unless you transfer that money onto an apple payment you have added you won’t be able to get a subscription.

Sad to hear that …

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