I bought my one month subscription on October 26 an it says it ended today November 7

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Hey there!

I would recommend changing this to a #support topic so this issue can be addressed by a technical support member in a more timely fashion.

In regard to your issue, this is not something I have experience in. Furthermore, I feel offering advice in this manner would only lead you off course more - since I am not familiar with the in-app purchases and how things operate in the backend with that.

Contacting tech support members directly via direct message or :)

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For issues with your subscription, I would recommend contacting the support team at

If you are on an Apple device I would find it much more effective to call an apple support member as they tackle issues very quickly and timely. The number is 800-MY-APPLE (for the U.S. and Canada) they have more jurisdiction over billing than the IF devs do.

We have 0% jurisdiction.

That only works in the US or maybe Canada too. Different countries have different support numbers :)

What most likely happened here is that you had a subscription that entered the “grace period” and tried to renew but was unable to do so due to billing problems. Then it will remain active for a certain number of days until the billing is successful or it expires. That period was most likely between October 7th and October 26th, a period where you still had access without having paid for it as Apple was still trying to renew.

Yes this is the U.S. Support number. Other countries do to my knowledge have their own support systems. But this is the US and Can. number. You can lookup Apple Support number and your country on Google and it will pop up a number pertaining to your country. All the best! -Leo

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