Quick question. Why don’t I have a subscription anymore. I had it before the update but not after I updated the app. Thanks in advance!

Try logging back in.

You may of been logged out. Sounds basic but have you tried logging in? Since this update brought a new authentication system you may have to re login into your account with your preferred method.

try logging back in or maybe it ended

How do I log out?

Do you mean login? Try watching the vid below

In 20.2, the UI was updated so there’s not really a log out button anymore. If your upper right corner displays “Get Pro,” click that, and then click “I already have an account” on the bottom to log-in via Google, Facebook, or the IFC.

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I have been logged in all the time. It didn’t log me out when I updated the app

I’ll try that

It didn’t work

What is your callsign?

I just changed it to Finnair 107VA

Restart the app and it should work :)

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It works! Thank you all!