Please @ me if you can help! I was wondering, if I un subscribe and my pro subscription is gone, if I re buy the membership will all my xp and stats reset on me?

If your subscription expires your stats will remain the same. You will be able to fly using the non-pro planes in the non-pro regions. You are welcome to re-subscribe later if you wish as long as it is the same account as before.


As @Chris_S said nothing really changes unless your in grade three or four then your landings per 90 Days and Flight time per 90 Days decreases but you have three months before that happens and it’s very easy to get back to grade 3 then

Not sure if @Chris_S mentioned this or not, but if you haven’t tied your account to Google or Facebook yet, or if you have experienced this before, when you buy a new subscription you’ll end up creating a new account. Your stats are safe in the server, you’ll just need to get a certain someone to transfer your subscription to your account that has the stats on it.

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