Hi please help im in a middle of a flight and I rcvd a pop up saying the User Disconnected as subscription ends whereas I have the active subscription till May 27th

Today is May 27th?

Today is April 27th.

Try a simple device restart first off.

I think your subscription may have ended during your flight, and then right after the flight it auto-renewed. You should be able to fly as normal now, and if not, let us know here.

Oh oops Stay at home has messed up my dates

its April 27th

No worries. It’s deteriorating everyone’s mind currently.

I know this lol it’s just I don’t even know if today’s mon or tues

Im in middle of 5 hrs long flight .

the payment deducts 5 days prior

So, do you have a month subscription, or something else?

yes month the same deducts automatically

So, how would your month-long subscription end on May 27th if you purchased it 5 days ago?

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