Will i lose my grade or monthly landings if i change my subscription?

What are you planning to change?

There are aspects of your grade which are time based so if you do not fly for a period of time it could result in your grade decreasing.

Your stats such as XP and flight time are tied to your pilot profile and stored on the server. They are not impacted by the subscription.

My current subscription is every month payment and i want to change it to the half yearly or yearly. I will stay active. But i worry that the 3month landing counts for example will influenced due to the change when the current subscription ends

Your landings will stay - don’t worry - changing subscription lengths does not affect this

Happy Landings!

Ok 😊 thank you guys for helping


Yea this won’t effect anything

It will make you have more fun in infinite flight then

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You won’t lose your achievements even if you spend a year without subscription

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