Hello I have my subscription and it says it ends today but can I get a approximate time because I have the money ready to re buy it

Btw I don’t have money saved I just get gift cards so I don’t have auto renewal

Do you have auto renew on or off?

I’m sorry I’m tired and misread the last sentence.

I have it off because I do have a credit card saved I only go off gift cards

My time is pacific

I’m not sure about the PlayStore but I know that the App Store only shows the user the day of expiration not a time stamped hour and minute.

If you launch a flight before the current subscription expires you will be able to finish that flight though. If that is your concern.

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Yes but I’ve heard that planes will it be able to see you

I’ve flown in between subscriptions before and didn’t get kicked from the servers.

You don’t get kicked but I’ve heard that you become invisible to other planes if it ends mid flight

I can neither confirm or deny that statement. All
I know is that I was able to fly into a controlled airport and got vectors from Radar. However once my flight ended after I selected end flight, I had to go ahead and renew my sub.

Ok I’ll maybe try or not

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