Does anyone know if I can use itunes gift cards to add or renew my subscription?

Yes, you sure can!


Purchase your preferred amount
Redeem it in your iTunes Store (Pre-installed app)
Go to the App, Infinite Flight
Purchase your subscription (1 month, 6 months & 1 year)

And you’re all set to fly!


Here is where I am lost. I have a subscription that runs out tomorrow. How do I renew it with the iTunes card? I have already redeemed the gift card. I just can figure out how to use it towards the game/app

in most cases, it should be renewed automatically unless you have manually cancelled the auto-renew function. also do make sure to cancel the subscription after this month if you won’t be renewing IF further as they might still charge your account even if you have no money in the account - please let me know if youd like me to clarify

I chose to let the subscription run out cause I didn’t want it coming out of my account automatically. That’s why I got the gift card to use it that way. I’ll play around and see what I can do

you can also do this by going to the App Store - clicking on profile pic - go into subscriptions - there you can turn off auto renew

thats what I do to make sure it doesn’t automatically renew, the subscription will last till the end of the billing period and then you can renew it whenever you like

I’ll do that, I’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow

You also wolnt see the option to buy more in the app till tomorrow when it runs out unless I’m mistaken…

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