I’m trying to reach and admin or someone with infiniteflight that can answer my question. I will probably have to let me subscription run out in February.

My question is. When I start it back up. Will I have to start from scratch or will I be able to start where I left off. I’m almost at grade 4 and would hate to have to start over.

Thank you

Ghost Rider

Your account will be saved. When you decide to purchase a new subscription just use the same login info. All your XP, overall landings, logbook etc will remain the same. And to add on to what @Aceorbit said, if 90 days is passed and your grade decreases, some pattern work/ touch and goes should get you back up to Grade 4.

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Hello Max,
All your stats should be saved, such as your XP, flight time. etc. But your grade may decrease as there is a 90-day landing requirement for you to maintain grade 4. Hopefully this helped and if you have anymore questions, I would be happy to answer them. :)



Right on!!!

I can live with that and totally will be ok with have to do a few extra landings to get caught back up. I’ve been pushing to hit the magic 250 Landings.

Thank for the info guys.


I haven’t renewed my subscription yet until there is a new big update. And it’s definitely save your data

Hi, if your subscription ends you’re progress is still there, but of course your grade will drop as you won’t have enough landings to maintain your grade. but yeah other than that you will be fine.

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