Wasn’t logged into my fb account when i bought another subscription what can i do to transfer it to my account?


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@schyllberg can transfer it for you. You just need to tell him your display name and Callsign on both accounts if I’m right.

Also PM him and everything will work out


Perfect thanks!

I have the same problem. I was grade 3 with over 40,000 xp and a number of hours, after my subscription ended, I re-suscribed and it started me at 0 hours 0 xp grade 1. Any help?

Just let me know the display name as well as callsign for both your primary account as well as the new one, and we’ll fix :)

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I don’t remember my callsign for the account with all my xp and hours but it’s okay. I’ll just continue with the new subscription. I tried linking Facebook and that’s when it happened. Thanks for your assistance!


It’s been transferred to your account using the e-mail you mentioned now :)

Thank you! Just verified and all is good thanks again! (=

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