Good afternoon guys I have a problem with my subscription, before yesterday my subscription had expired and today I bought a Google play card as I always do to pay the monthly fee, and when I make the subscription it seems that it was out of my account and I know I pressed on to subscribe, then I received a message saying that the user number 20 … I had the subscription, when I entered the game I had to login to my Facebook account and now I can not get into the game, he asks again the subscription and when I press there it gives error, if I made a mistake to make the subscription before checking my account, I would like to unsubscribe and do it again, I need help please!

Hmmmm. Possibly it will renew automatically. I’ve never had this problem so I’m just guessing…

Could you be a little bit more specific about your Subscribtion, and make some screenshots too. It would help me understand it a little more to help you.

Can I unsubscribe from Google and do it again

I am not sure unfortunately but I am a iOS user not android. Check your store and subscription info about unsubscribing from IF.

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Where is the error is saying that I already made the subscription, and in fact I did only that I was off my Facebook account without knowing!

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Yeah I am not sure about this yet. Thanks for the screenshots. But I am sure if you email this to the moderators should definitely help you. I’ll keep in touch with you,

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Could you check the active subscriptions on your Google Play account and see if you find an active IF subscription?

You most likely did buy a subscription and it is linked to your Google Play account, but it’s on another Infinite Flight account.


All right, I’ll email them right away!

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