I have a subscription of IF live till SEP 8. But when I try to login from another device it tells me I have no subscription and I need to buy a new one. When I click on I already have a subscription it says you don’t!
What should I do?

Make sure your Apple ID or PlayStore ID that was used for the subscription purchase is the same on your second device. The subscription is linked to your iTunes or PlayStore ID.

I’m using android. I sign in with the same email I bough the subscription.

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If you have multiple google accounts then that may be your issue. Double check your login credentials and try signing in again.

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One other thing, please make sure that the second device you have is compatible with the latest Infinite Flight builds. Could you let us know which device and operating system it is?

Make sure your using the email you used.
E.g you logged in to Google you use the email address what you used for that

I have had this issue before. I just deleted the app off my other device and did not use it for a couple hours. Then I redownloaded it and everything worked normal.

Thx for all replies. I tried all but none of them has worked.
I just checked my android version and it is 4.4.1. Is that the main problem of why I can’t run IF?

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Unfortunately that device isn’t compatible with the latest builds.

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It could be. It is recommended to run your device on the newest update for the best quality

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