I can’t pay any subscription with my itunes account

Try logging out of your App Store, log out of Infinite Flight then restart your device and sign back into everything.

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Do what Chris said.

Just two other questions:

  1. Is your iTunes account linked to a credit card or a gift card?
  2. If it’s a gift card: I there still money on it?

Hi DasMarc/Chris,

I did it, but still can’t, i tried to pay whit my credit card. The message that appeared was: “ method of payment has been rejected”. I update the credit card data and then appeared “ It is impossibe to connect to itunes store. I dont know what to do now.

Yeah, that’s more like an iTunes issue that has nothing to do with Infinite Flight.

Try those points:

And make sure that you spelled all your credit card details the right way. Maybe try another card. And if it’s still not working, get in touch with iTunes support. It could be a connection error from your side, some error of iTunes or a credit card problem. The guys at iTunes will be able to tell you more.

Ok DasMarc! Thaks for your feedback and help. I will contact itunes support.


I dont know what happened because i made a purchase in apple store yesterday whit the same card.

The same happened to me. It’s a known general problem. I hustled chnaged the card I was using and it worked perfectly fine.

I did’t that too and not work. I’m waiting for an answer from itunes support.