Hello. I bought IF Pro 5 days ago. Played it on my phone. I really liked this game and looking forward to buy 6 month Pro, but i got bored of that little mobile screen, also my phone cannot handle full glory of the game. So i decided to use emulator. i bought joystick and downloaded Nox emulator to my PC. Everything worked fine at the poing of SP. I trained a bit and then tried to log into my IF account. I logged in and the page where you can buy the Pro showed up. I pushed “i already have subscription” button and it said “No active subscriptions found”. At the corner on the right, up there are my stats, callsign etc.

Things i have tried:

  • Reinstall IF.

  • Log off from IF at phone.

  • Switching emulators.

Could someone please help me with this problem?

Running Infinite Flight through an emulator such as Nox is not supported, and it’s known that several different issues may occur i’m afraid.

Not much that can be done.

Can you login to your account on your mobile phone?

Could you give me any emulator that may work? I really would like to play IF on PC, have seen many peeps doing that.

I’m afraid I don’t know any that properly works with Live. Solo is usually fine, it’s when it comes to Live when most issues occur.

Yeah. I have tried logging off for few hours and all, but it have not worked.

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