I subscribe on a monthly basis. My current month ends next Friday on the 8th. I’m going to buy another month but do not know if I should wait until the 8th to purchase it or go ahead and purchase it now. If I purchase it now will I still get the 7 days I have left plus the new month which would be 31 days?

Thank you for contacting support!

Yes you will get the new month starting when the old month runs out which keeps your 7 days.

Thank you for responding so quickly.

One more thing if I may. I am already subscribed and can’t seem to figure out how to go ahead and purchase the next month. Can you help me with this.?

All purchases will automatically rebill at the end. You are on the month to month which means you will be re-billed each month until you cancel the subscription from your play store.

So since I just loaded another $11 of Google Play credits then when my subscriptions up on the 8th of December it will automatically give me the next month subscription correct?

Yes, correct :) Safe flying!


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