Subscription won't work in my iPad

I purchased a one month subscription on my iPhone earlier today and it will not work when I open in iPad it says I don’t have a subscription when I click on already have a subscription it comes up and says no active subscription found. Please help me rectify this or I’ll email apple for a refund as I do t want to be using this app on my phone.

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Are you using the same account on both devices? Can you also confirm both devices are under the same Itunes account?

Does it give you the option to log in with google or facebook?

Yes it does, try what Chief 305 suggested.

Yes same iTunes account and also signing in with google on both devices. Please let me know what to do

Have you updated both apps?

Does it show you on your IPHONE that you have a subscription?

What iPad model are you using?

Are you using the same account? On your different device?

Please read previous posts, thanks.

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