Subscription Renewel Mid-Flight

Hello IFC

Do you know if my subscription renews mid flight, will I be disconnected from the server and if so for how long?


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It probably won’t kick you

Yeah I’m still in the flight, but when will it renew and will the hours count towards my total hours?

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Yep they will stay and count because you still have a subscription and an account

it will not kick you out if you do not have auto renew on but when you exit the flight it will not let you start a new one. @schyllberg correct me if that is not right

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Just checked a previous topic from 7 days ago. Deer says as long as auto-renewal is on, you’ll be fine.


It isn’t counting towards my hours tho

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Probably the time you got it

Ok cool thanks

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Nothing should happen.
I’ve seen maybe 2-3 cases where something did happen, but that was most likely because the app had been running for a long time.
It’s usually never a problem with a subscription automatic renewal mid-flight, unless the app have been running for 70hrs+.


Ok thanks :) mines only been running for around 34 hours or so

Another problem, it isn’t recording my flight hours which I kind of need it to do. Will this update once the subscription has been updated? If so what time will that be at?

You’re connected to all the servers? And you’re not flying solo?

No, I’m connected to all server except for live, Will this mean I won’t be able to count my flight hours? @schyllberg

If you’re in Solo mode, flying hours will not he counted. You need to be on multiplayer , on the ‘Fly Online!’ tab fo gain hours.

So I was mid flight (Expert Server) when it said i had no subscription, does that mean it’s booted me off to solo server until I go back to ‘Fly Online’? Idk

I believe even if you cancel your subscription and it expired during flight, it will still let you finish your flight.

If infinite flight was running for 70 hours strait i would rather think about the battery

Update the subscription hasn’t yet renewed and I’m still not on like servers

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