Subscription Renewal

I would like to end my subscription renewal (it will renew on feb2nd). I previously bought the pro subscription on my iPad that I can no longer access so I am unable to stop the renewal process on that device. I have an android phone with Infinite Flight on it and I tried to stop the renewal process by clicking “Manage Subscription”, however a message pops up saying: “Your subscription was purchased on a iOS and can’t be managed from this device”. So basically I am stuck since I have no other iOS device and thus I’m unable to stop the renewal process (since I don’t want to pay for another year of pro). What can I do? Is it possible for a moderator or a staff member to stop the renewal process from their end?

Hello first I would move this to the #support catafort and get further help there

Request you to open a super ticket on Apple as subscription is managed by Apple.

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