Subscription renewal issue

so on android it will auto renew my subscripton

Yes but it depends if you have your Infinte Dlight subscription on Auto Renee you can check by doing this :
Launch the Google Play Store app.
Tap Menu -> My Apps -> Subscriptions

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ok thabks alot for the info

Glad to help!


wait sorry it has disappeared from my subscritpions

Did you accidentally cancel the subscription?

no i did not it just randomly disappeared

Then you should be able to re-subscribe within the app. If not, please inform us of what error message you’re getting.

error message
no active infinte flight pro subscritpons found
subscribe now

Then subscribe? I don’t see the issue.

There should be a big orange box that says “Subscribe”

problem is no money in account for google play

That is correct. No active subscription because it has expired. Purchase a new subscription and you’re all set.

Not much we can do about that…

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Then you need to get money to pay for subscription.

yeah i do need money

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Continuing this via PM with the original poster…