Subscription Question

Heya there everyone, i have a little question.

since my pro sub is ending today but i already have the payment for renewal ready, should i wait the exact time i bought my subscription or should i cancel it out and pay for another one again?

I believe that the subscription automatically renews. At least on iOS it does unless you cancel it

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well the problem is i am using Android.

I would do nothing. Then the subscription will either auto renew or cancel. If it renews, which I expect it to, then the current subscription you have will restart (e.g the 1 month version will go for another month and cost the same amount you paid the first time you paid) If that makes sense. If it cancels, then IF won’t let you fly online and you can just pay the price for the selected subscription option again.

That’s just my opinion though 😂

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Android subs renew automatically using a primary and backup payment source, if the first one doesnt work. You can set your payment method as the primary and let Google do its job for you. If the method is the same as your preferred method for now, you dont need to do anything.

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