Subscription Question

Hey guys,

So I am finally getting live+ but someone posted on the forums about paying through a certain website because going through the apple app store allows for apple to take a percentage of the sales. I want all the money to go to the devs. Could someone post the link here of that certain website?


Hey! Go to:, log in and then you can purchase any Live subscription. It’s really good for the devs because Apple take like 30% of the price.


awesome thank you, officially a Live+ subscriber!!!


No problem ;). Always happy to help. Congratulations to be a Live + family member (I have Live+ too, it’s so cool)!

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Didn’t know this! I’ll have to do this when I renew!


How do you like live+ so far?

i tried out the A330 because I really like the way the EgyptAir livery looks, but I hated the plane. I felt like I was flying an A318. it was like the weight was not proportionate to the plane itself, despite the load. I LOVE THE FLORIDA REGION, it is big and looks amazing especially up by Tampa.


I want to bug it on that site but it doesn’t work.

It does, I bought it on the site

For me it doesn’t

Im trying to log in to my google account but nothing what can i do?

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