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I may have missed a topic that answered this question so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

I have a subscription on an old Apple ID. It is about to run out. If I let it expire, and purchase a new subscription under my current active Apple ID, that wouldn’t mess anything up with my account right?


No, as long as you log in with the same Facebook or Google account in the Infinite Flight app and buy it through the app with that account.

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Okay awesome thanks! That’s what I figured. Do the subscription auto renew? I forget, it’s been a year haha

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For auto renew, it would do it with your old Apple ID so I suggest that you ensure auto-renew is off for both your new and and more importantly your old Apple ID.

Edit: Auto-renew is a setting in the app\play store.

When it expires, let us know if it works please!

I believe it is off by default, but check it as @Captain_Merka said. Especially if you have a credit/debit card tied to that old Apple ID. It obviously wouldn’t renew between Apple ids though, so you will have to manually purchase it in your current one. From there it’s your choice if you want to turn auto renew on on your new one.

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Yeah we certainly don’t want him wasting money…

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Ya, if he never had a payment method tied to the account it may be a non issue, but always best to double check these things…

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I suppose there is an argument to be made that if all it’s doing is renewing the subscription you were planning to buy anyway, no harm no foul, but probably best to keep it on the current account so it’s easier to manage…

Yes, the other thing I think about is him maybe losing the login credentials to his old Apple ID and having auto-renew on. Is that the case @KevinMc88?

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