Subscription Question

Hello, I have a quick question about the subscriptions.

My monthly subscription ends tomorrow, but, I am considering to get the yearly subscription instead.

Would I loose my progress when I switch over the subscription?


No you would not! You would just have to pay more for the new subscription. You would loose no progress unless you change or create a new Infinite Flight Account

Nope, you wouldn’t lose your progress. Only if you used a different account .

Alrighty, thanks guys for the information!

So, my multiplayer stats will stay too, right?

Just confirming. :)

Yes, they will.

Alright, thanks!

@DeerCrusher You know what to do.

You can just flag it (:

i wont because if others need help with this topic they can see it.

Flagging it for moderators just let’s them know it needs to be closed. No need to tag them :)

I hadn’t played for a year until recently and all my stats were still here :)