Subscription purchased on wrong account


Today I bought 1 Month Subscription but it went on a wrong Account, an Account I never used/knew it was existing. Please guys give me the Subscription on the real Account. Below are Pictures for the proof. Falcon2 is my real Account (call sign Singapore 900 Super) which hasn’t got the Subscription.

The account with the wrong subscription is called (N692VQ)…and I don’t use this account


feel free to contact, they will help you to get your subscription transfer.


Why? You guys no longer do it in the forums?

Requests like that are handled via email.

It used to take like 5-10 min in the forums to o it back in the day. Now it’s taking forever via email.

Remember there are more requests to take care of, give them some time… They will answer you, 100%. That kind of request needs to be handled via email due to the personal details, etc…


Requests like these need to be sent to their email as this is something related to the technical side of Infinite Flight.

Subscription and account issues can only be handled by staff, and we’re available as many hours of the day as humanly possible. But that doesn’t mean 24/7, especially not on weekends. Email has always been our primary point of contact in terms of official support.

Might also be worth nothing:

Fortunately, it only took 2 hours and 45 minutes for your case to be resolved which is still quicker than last time (when you also emailed us) ;)