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I just spent $80 on the App Store for the 1 year subscription for IF Pro as my subscription is expected to end in like 2hrs time and it still says in Infinite Flight that my IF Pro subscription will expire today. How do I fix this?

It will say that anyways, even if you have auto-renew. As long as you have auto-renew on you should be fine.

Wait, I think I misunderstood

I turned off auto-renew and just renewed it now. Even on the App Store if I click cancel subscription which I usually do so it doesn’t auto-renew it says that I will lose access today.

As long as you payed I think you’ll be okay

I am contacting apple support rn just to make sure.

What will happen if I am flying and my sub auto-renews mid flight?

Of course it will say that because your current one have not yet expired :) You can’t stack subscriptions.

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And I can see that you’re currently on the 12-month one now :)

I think what I just basically did was just auto renew my subscription because I changed it to not auto renew when I first purchased my subscription. If I am flying whenever my subscription expires and I set it to auto renew will my flight continue like normal?

Yup and that’s what I am getting again as I love this flight sim and definitely worth the $80 a year rather than spending like $2500 for like XP12 or MSFS.

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This isn’t an issue since it has already updated system side.

Perfect then I am going to do a flight right now. Thanks a lot for the help!

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