Subscription problems

I have a problem with my subscription … I terminated it then so that it will not be extended again … now my subscription was terminated on 25.11 or it was not renewed and ended … I wanted to look and noticed that everywhere Error So I do not even have the opportunity to extend it … what should I do fals I want to extend it soon … thanks

Did you not allredy have a topic about this?

No, unfortunately, I can not remember that!

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Could have been someone elce. Cary on.

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It is expired 3 days ago … I wanted to see what it costs today but I can not extend it is everywhere Error

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Hey please read this!

Go to Settings on your iOS device, then “Screen time” —> Content & Privacy restrictions —> iTunes & App Store purchases. Do we have anything turned on there perhaps?

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Actually, I just canceled my subscription in the Playstore … but not more

Are you leaving the game?

At the moment yes, but I would like to extend my subscription later …

Ah ok, Sorry to hear you leaving.

Please give some feedback so the developers can work on.

My problem is that I can afford to extend it … so even if I now put my money on Playstore I can not buy it in the game because everywhere is error … so the request for support … I know not if it’s a mistake from the game (most likely) or if it comes from Playstore … thanks

Ah ok! Sorry to hear that, Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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Hi @MK7,

I think I understand what you getting at, you’ve cancelled your IF subscription for now (Doesn’t matter what reason), but you’re interested in purchasing a new subscription in the future? If that’s correct, then these are the current prices for the simulator (In US dollars) you may have to change to your currency, for more accurate prices.

I can’t help on the issue with the error your receiving when checking the prices on the app. I’ll leave that to someone with more knowledge of this :)

1 month: $9.99
6 month: $49.99
1 Year: $79.99


Thanks, exactly what I mean… actually the prices should be on it but it is everywhere “error” tuned … I click on it and it tells me that there is a problem … thanks anyway

Did you try these steps that Ryan suggested?

Hello I’m very fond of only I can not find these points on my phone … I do not use IOS but Android … better said a Samsung … I can not find these points

Ok. I use Android aswell. Unfortunately I don’t know then. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Infinite Flight app?

Usually a simple device restart resolves this if the cause is what i think it is - app not synced with current Play Store data.

I had the same problem. I ended my subscription early, to purchase another one, but my stats didn’t save because I had to uninstall/reinstall the game to get a new subscription. Luckily, I remembered my display name and callsign, and @schyllberg was able to pinpoint my data and get the stuff transferred over to my new subscription. Is that what you did?

Yes, i do it