Subscription problem

I remember my subscription renew last week or so, and I never came across this message.

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I have the same problem now

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Strangely enough yesterday I remember doing a flight, and around now I realized that my subscription says “no active subscription” Very odd.



@IFPV right, I did two flights in morning and now the problem occurred

Have you tried to restart Infinite Flight or device?

Not sure if its only me that has this problem, but hopefully I get my subscription back sooner or later.

I will try that. Thanks.

I am also getting the same message. I tried restarting and re logging in, but it does not sort the issue out. I am sure it will come back as it may seem to be with their server probably.

Maybe something can be interfering with it, and therefore this message popped up for me and you.

It looks like there is a subscription and also a scenery problem don’t know what’s going on.?

It can be anything honestly, lets just wait and see what the devs have to say.

I’ve disconnected, reconnected it doesn’t work. I disconnected, restart the phone and reinstall the app it still doesn’t work

Very strange… never experienced anything like this. Been playing IF for a long time now, and therefore never came across any problems until today.

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Maybe they’re whole server is down!

Check liveflightapp and check the servers.

me too, just subscribed 2 days ago, and now showing no active subscription.

Hi there, we are currently tracking an issue on the Google Play store side. We will let you know more as we know.


Thank you Chris!

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Got the same issue, android, Huawei P20 Pro.

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