Subscription problem

Hey guys I got a subscription on a different Apple ID but now I have a new one. I linked them both but now all my stats have been reset to Grade 1. I was at Grade 3 someone please help


Did you link them via Gmail?

You should probably contact @schyllberg

I connected the Apple IDs but when I bought the subscription it said there was none, so I logged out and then logged in. Then it said that there was account associated with my device but it had 0 progress on it

To me it seems like an issue with IF. Did you log into the same account with IF

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure all game progress is stored within the Apple ID. So if you made a completely new one it might be a lost cause getting your stats back, unless a mod imports them for you if that’s even possible.

If you only changed the Apple ID email and such, and it’s technically still the same one just with new info, I’d try uninstalling the game and redownloading it

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Try restarting your device!

To add on to everything that was said above, if you wish to keep your old stats, you can get a refund of the subscription on your current Apple ID and pay for the subscription again on your old account, if that works for you.

But you can’t log in to Infinite Flight with Apple ID, so you must have been using an old Google or Facebook account, or maybe you accidentally logged into the incorrect service when linking the purchase to your account?

Ok I got my old account because it was linked with google but there’s no subscription! I already paid :(

How do I contact him

Seb is in charge of forum support and he’s been tagged here already, so when he’s on he’ll see this and get things straightened out for you.

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