Subscription problem

I was trying to repurchase a new sub plan and when I had to re log back in, it put me in a user acct and put the plan on that. I need to transfer the plan to my other account. Please help me with this.

That happened to me once. Contact a mod and they can help you transfer the subscription to your other account.

Can u refer me to a mod

Please pm @schyllberg

This will need to be handled by @schyllberg

He will see this thread when he wakes.

@Miguel_Ortiz Moderators don’t have the ability to transfer subs. We assist here in the forums and that’s about it. That’s staff level. Seb will handle :)

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Ok thank you. I’m in no rush. What an awesome community.

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Please PM schyllberg and tell him your

Callsign for the account you meant to buy
And the callsign for the account you did buy.

Sorry about that. I thought mods could do it too.