Subscription problem

Hello everyone,

I would need some assistance. I just renewed my subscription, the problem is that i already had an account and i did not log with this account.

So i would like to know if i can with the subscription i just took, use with my account that i used

Yes a someone is able to help transfer that to the other account.Someone will be here soon to can help out. PM Schyllberg so that he can assist.

Can you please provide the following to him

  • Display name and callsign for account you wanted to buy for

  • Display name and callsign of account you accidentally bought

And make sure to send them this as well

  • Purchase receipt with GPA number for accidental purchase.
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Adding on to JeromeJ, PM @schyllberg with the display name as well as callsign for both your primary account as well as the new one, and he will be able to transfer them.

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