Subscription problem

Hi i just paid for a subscription but when i go to fly online it says subsribe now what should i do

Are you on iOS or Android?

Android tablet…its worked before

But i went to subscribe so i can fly the tbm event and it keeps saying subscribe now

Ok, I’m an iOS user, so I’m not quite sure about how the Android process works.
Do you normally receive a receipt (by email) after you purchase the subscription? And if so, did you get that receipt?

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Try a couple of things, make sure you’re logged in with account you bought sub with - restart the app and check again


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I received one

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Ok, good.
If all else fails, maybe delete and re-download the app? And like @ServerGhost said, make sure you’re logged in with the right account.

Since I’m not an Android user, I’ll leave this to the rest of the community now.

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I did lol
This has never happened to me before

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