Subscription Problem

I’m trying to buy a subscription with an IPad[OS] of a friend for the first time. I’ve been using Android since now and still use for Infinite Flight. Give me ideas to know options to my friend buy or to send money to my google account[we currently live in different countries]. He just sent me this error message from his IOS device when he tries to buy the subscription on my account on the app.


Then it appears his account when he tries to buy on my own account.


Can’t he make his own account? I’m wondering because the Apple ID is set for your country it may not work for the other user

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Your friend already has a current subscription, either linked with IF already or with the Apple ID he is trying to purchase with. Does he have another device to purchase it on with doesnt have IF already?

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Please, give me ideas, a way that he can purchase me the subscription.

Could you explain in more detail? I’m kind of confused still…

My friend has my account. He wants to buy me a Infinite Flight pro subscription. He is trying to buy it, but keeps receiving a message error saying he can’t connect to Itunes. We currently life in different countries.

Then this is probably an error from iTunes/iOS and not from IF. Tell him to create a new acc and buy it there and then he can give you the new acc on which he bought the subscription. And please, could you tell us in which country you and your friend live?

Maybe the best thing to do is use your own Apple ID but get your friend to buy you iTunes gift cards

A friend of mine (who has an iOS device) said that gift cards from other countries don’t work.

Try the solutions these two topics give.

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