Subscription problem

Fellow pilots i have problem on infinite flight live subscription,when i try to subscribe it keep telling me payment unsucssesful my card have been declined,i have already request help from developer,playstore and my financial provider still the problem is there,what can i do now?

Are you trying to purchase in Singapore? They block payments there due to the high number of fraud.

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If the problem persists, you can pay through gift card.

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Well, you can make sure you have sufficient funds in your card for starters!

I’ve had this problem before. I moved houses and my address changed on my card, but it was still registered as the old address on iTunes, and deemed the card invalid. If you’ve recently moved, make sure you update your address in the iTunes or Google Play card settings.

If it’s not that, then idk what it is…

How to pay by gift card?

Since payment is handled by your respective app store, you may have to check with them on how to process a gift card if you are having problems.

Simple. Buy a gift card worth the amount you are subscribing. Change your account mailing address to match the country of the card. Then redeem it at play store. The value of the card will be added to your account. Then you can use it to make purchases from play shop.

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