subscription problem

I have just paid for a 1 month subscription and it won’t let me play it says a subscription has already been found but I still can’t play


Thank you for contacting support! So that we may better assist you, please provide more information by answering some of the questions below:

  • Can you please provide some more details surrounding the issue you have mentioned?
  • Which device and operating system are you using?
  • If you have received any error message, please provide the exact details of the error.
  • Where did you originally download Infinite Flight from?
  • Is your device modified in any way?

I appreciate the information so I can more accurately solve your issue.

Kind Regards, Sebastian


I had this problem just keep going through the screens and it will ask if you’d like to renew it. It still recognizes your old sub. So you have to go through many more screens. Sorry if this is undesriptive but if you explain more of what you’re seeing I could help more.

I had the same issue. Where you using a different device than the one that you bought the sub with? You can’t use a sub on two devices at the same time.

You could contact the developers for it, I think everyone had the same issue since I had it too.

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