Subscription Prices

Can someone please tell me the price for a new subscription and all the options because my subscription is going to expire soon and I want to know the prices to each one. Thanks!

Do you wish to know it in rupees, british pound, swedish crown, euro, yen, us dollar, canadian dollar or? ;)


US dollars please

That depends on the state since taxes are a thing in some cases. Total price that is.
Best is probably if you look it up under the store page, under “In-app purchases” usually shown a bit down below.

Base price is $9.99 (as it’s been for the past 5 years)


And it’s 30 Shane-Bucks if you have any of those. Redeemable with @Shane.


Is there more options or just that?

On iOS it is still possible to renew with the 6 month and annual one via the subscription management in App Store.

But, if your subscription is about to expire - why not just let it renew automatically? It does that if you haven’t cancelled it.

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I live in Texas and the price for a one month sub is $10.81 with tax

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On IOS, if I manage my subscriptions it says that the I can do a 1 year for $79.99 is that still an option or no?

Yes, it is.


I’ve never had to pay tax for my sub.

Ok, thanks for your help!