Subscription payment problem


I had IF subscription and 1 day ago IF automatically take my 10 dollars. But 1 day later it says no subscription available please help me I lost my 10 dollars.

Note: Can you active my subscription back?

Have you tried logging out of your account and logging back in?

No but IF take my money 1 day ago

Restart the device. If that doesn’t help, logout and then back in. Should be fine :)

Let me try it

Not works I tried everything

It didn’t worked welp

What is your current callsign and display name?

Looks like your payment was cancelled.
If the money is reserved on your account still, it should be returned within 24hrs. Could be later on since it’s weekend.

For further assistance you will have to contact Google Play Support.

I tolled but they didn’t gave my money

Do I need to pay to have pro subscription?

Of course you do.

Because it get my 10 dollars before

It’s $10/month. It’s a subscription, not a one time purchase.

Okay thanks I’ll contact google Play support