Subscription or Live Service?

Hey guys…am enjoying the Beta but a random thought popped up in my head.

Do your guys think INFINITE FLIGHT would benefit better if it was a live service game instead of a subscription based? INFINITE FLIGHT has grown so popular over the years and have gotten big youtubers attention…Do you guys think if it becomes a live service game, and let Global be free but charge for new airplanes, airports and sceneries ( similar to MSFS ), that it would be better? I’m really curious to hear everyone’s response!

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No, I don’t think it should, the only thing I do think should happen is that the subscription price is lowered a bit.

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That would be super expensive. I like the way IF is right now with subscription based purchase which buys everything for a period of time. (Pro subscription)

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They used to charge for individual airplanes/regions before global was released, however they have changed that to consolidate all of the payments.

I personally like the change as one purchase allows you to access everything Infinite Flight has to offer.

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