Subscription options

Google pixel 6 pro TQ1A.221205.011
iPad Series 8 IOS 16.2

I am wondering how I can change my subscription payment from a 1 month subscription to a 1 year subscription?

I am currently on the 1 month subscription plan
Thanks for any and all answers

I think you have to cancel your 1 month plan then buy the year plan.

Will this delete all my progress in the game?

One time my thing ended and when I bought pro again I got back my stats

First you need to make sure your community account is connected to your pro. Then you need to on your IOS device to go to manage subscriptions, then choose subscription options (or something similar) and change to a 1 year

@Aviation2929 amazing! Thanks

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Happy to help :)

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It shouldn’t because your pro account is linked to your Infinite Flight Community account.

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