Subscription option not available for 6 months and 1 year

Operating system:
As per the attached image i am getting only 1 month subscription option. Before it used to show other two options of 6 months and 1 year.
Please check and feedback as to how i can subscribe for 1 year

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This is a somewhat recent change Infinite Flight has made - it’s by design too! Currently only the 1 month subscription is available, but I’m sure someone below can explain how to regain your 6 or 12 month subscription if you’re on iOS… It’d be worth mentioning if you don’t cancel your previous subscription you are able to grandfather it and continue to use it from then on.

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This access to the 6 months or 12-month subscription depends entirely on the OS that you’re using. If you’re on Android, I’m sorry to say, but your only option is to run with the monthly subscription, however, if you’re on iOS, it changes slightly.

If you are indeed on iOS, you can change your subscription by first subscribing on the monthly plan, then going into the App Store → Account → Subscriptions → Infinite Flight, and choosing your subscription option from there.

Just a word of warning though, if you do opt to purchase the 6-month and 12-month subscription, you’ll only be able to see that reflect on your account after the end of your first month.

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But i am not on IOS i am an andriod user.

And i want to renew my subscription for 1 year and not on monthly basis.

Why for andriod users it has option to run only on monthly subscription…its not fair to have two different subscriptions features for two different platforms.

It should be same

Android and IOS are different, Android has Google Play while IOS has App Store, that’s just the way it works. They are both different and if they were implemented into Android, it could have a effect on something.

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It was there earlier like couple of months ago but now it doesnt gives that option

The decision was made a little while ago. Here’s what was said on another thread explaining it…

The reason I’ve quoted here is most probably one of many. Unfortunately Android doesn’t have the same workaround as iOS, there’s not very much that can be done to address this. Maybe we’ll see the beloved options available later on? Who knows…

The thread I’ve linked in the quote has quite a few explanations in it which include many different reasons, so maybe you could have a poke around in there and read through some of the explanations given to others when the change was first made.