Subscription opened a new account

Hello, I’m a long term user, I just subscribed to 1 month.

For some reason, it did not too up the balance of my account, but opened a new account.

Told me that old account will take a few minutes.

Please help.

Don’t want to start new account.

Want the money on my current account

Contacted email support. No reply

If you have accidentally purchased a subscription on the account which you don’t want the subscription to be in, you can either email the support team (which takes a few hours to respond) or privately message @schyllberg with the callsign & display name of the account that has the subscription and the account that you want it transferred to.

Also, this type of information is available in the support FAQ, make sure you have a read of that topic for any issues you may encounter in-game and if the issue you have is not on there then you can make a topic about the issue you’re having.

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