Subscription on wrong account

Hello, I just subscribed to a one month subscription, but after paying it still said no active subscription. It seems that the subscription has been subscribed to the default account instead of my main account which I log in with google that has more than a thousand hours on it. If it’s possible I would like the subscription to be moved to the other account please.

I think he’s asking for his subscription being moved to the other account.

@RT6907 feel free to send an E-Mail to and they will be happy to assist you :D

Where can I do that?

Should be an option on the app :)


No need to e-mail. We can take it here :)

If you’ve recently purchased a subscription and it’s inadvertently been applied to the wrong account, please get back to us with the following information:

  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the wrong account on which the subscription has been applied to.

  • Callsign & username (if applicable) for the account that you wish the subscription to be applied to.


the wrong account is just the default account on my phone
Callsign is RT6907 on my main account and it’s linked to my IFC account

I need something on the wrong account. Callsign? :)

I have just set it to G-ROBN

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There we go!

Just restart the app now and you should be good to go! :)

Brilliant, thanks a lot, as always top tier support here on IFC