Subscription on 2 iPads 1 iTunes account

How do I purchase 2 subscriptions for 2 separate iPads with one itunes account? I don’t want to create a new itunes account. Help!

Hello! I believe you can just restore your purchases! No need to buy more

To buy two subscriptions with one iTunes account, you must sign into a different Facebook/google account on each iPad. Then you can make the purchases on those two accounts separately.

Hope this helps!



I have Infinite Flight on 2 separate devices (iPad Air 2 & iPhone7) with one iTunes account and the purchase is shared so there’s no need to buy 2 subscriptions.

If I am correct, @Swillc wants to get two separate rather than 1 on both.


If both mobile devices are on the same iTunes account, then you only have to pay for the IF app once. If I have paid for an app on my iPad, I don’t need to pay again for the same app on my iPhone. I use the same Apple ID on these devices.

If, however, you want to spawn with two aircrafts simultaniously, then I suspect you will need two Live accounts.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for all the responses! You’re right Carrots. Two kids. My itunes account. Each has a separate ID. I try to buy the subscription on the second iPad and it tells me I havr already purchased it. Subscriptions seem to be connected to the itunes account.

Seems that this may be the only solution… will keep trying a few things before I give up and create a second itunes account. Thanks

You could try and purchase the subscription from the infinite flight website. If not make your children their own Apple ID. I’m sure in the future when they have their own devices they can then use them.