Subscription not working

Have purchased 30 day account but when I log in the app says I do not have an account. 4.99 have been taken from iTunes account. How can I resolve this please? Infinite better refund this!! Thanks

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You just maybe have to restart the app or the device sometimes, Infinite Flight often has these inconveniences.


If I am correct, this is not a problem with IF and is rather a problem with Apple.

I had this problem recently, here is what I did:

  • Requested for a refund. (This did not work)
  • Emailed Apple support outlining the issue and I was issued a refund.

Please verify you are using the same account that you used to purchase the subscription with. If the issue persists, request a refund from Apple.

Does the IF app itself work - can you fly solo?
Just trying to understand if there’s something with Apple and the app itself, or the IF Live account.

I remember vagely that there is a url where you can login with your IF account, and check your Live subscription status. Anyone?

Here is the IF login:

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