subscription not working properly

hi im still having issues regarding my subscription,basically im unable to use if live as it tells me i need to renew my subscription, i had renewed the sub on november 27, so i click on the buy subs it then shows me subs already paid, im a bit over it but ive paid $125.00 nz dollars and am unable to get a refund,
ive uninstalled the app many times cleared the cache, etc etc

Thank you for contacting support,
For help regarding the live subscription;

  • Are you using the Facebook or gmail account you bought the subscription with?
  • Have you tried to click on restore purchases if the planes aren’t available?

If the problem persists you may contact one of our friendly moderators.
300°c regards,


im logging in with google,

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If you try the original account (whether Google or Facebook) your subscription should be available since your live account is tied to the Facebook or Google+. If you are unable to correct to the original live account, the moderators would be the best avenue of assiatance.