Subscription not found message

At least a few times per week I am in flight and in the middle of the flight I get a message that “Active Subscription Not Found” or something similar and I get kicked off the live server. I have a valid Pro Subscription through April 2021. Is this a known issue or is there some other reason this would occur?


Sorry to hear about that.
When this happens, how long have the flights been in general?

This particular flight , still flying off line, is about 11 hours.

Did you restart the app / did it launch from start before this flight was initiated?

I participated in the ATC East Coast military event last night, did my flight with the rest of the GAF. Took took right off from Dover to PHNL with another pilot. So no I did not reboot or restart. And cant now since I am 11.2 hours into a flight.

We know that this can occur when a session is too long and are working on a resolution for this.

There’s no recover for the flight you currently have a I’m afraid. But we do recommend that you make sure the app is restart before initiating any longer flight.

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Very good, thanks for the response. Will make it a habit to start and stop the app between long onliine sessions.

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This was fixed in 20.3