** Subscription Not Found Error Message **

I bought a one month live subscription on may 19 and today June 13 its saying that I dont have an active live subscription?

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Did you use the same account as you bought the subscription?

Maybe provided screenshot of purchase date and error message please?

Same here, says I dont have a subscribtion. I bought one year on March

Same thing happened to me. I bought my subscription 5 months ago and it doesn’t run out until July 15th yet it’s saying there is not active subscription even after restoring purchases.

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Yeah its odd, I have until next year in March 17 or 19

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Woah there! Mine is gone too!

@schyllberg may be able to help out as he is #support staff…

I have the same problem…

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Just happened to me too, this is definitely an issue.

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Yeah mine too… I have till next year

@moderators - See here please and also maybe put a banner up telling people not to enter IF. As soon as you enter IF - You will get a “No active Infinite Flight Pro Subscriptions Found”

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-Do Not Try It-

It is a active glitch

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Oh I thought it was just me but then I did some reasearch and found out I should still have 6 days!

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Yeah i still have 8-9 months left

Yes, this is happening to everyone.

Hang tight, we are looking into it.


@Delta350 If you click what ever subscribtion you have, itunes knows you’ve purchased it

So that means iTunes acknowledges your purchases but Infinite Flight doe not…

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That is correct. Its most likely a glitch

My iTunes does not acknowledge my subscription…

Does a restart of IF not do the trick?