Subscription not ending

Hello there!

My subscription ended yesterday, but I check in today to try something out in solo. That’s when I noticed I still had access to all the airplanes and all the airports.

Even after restarting the app it’s still doing it.

And no it did not auto renew

Just gonna leave this here for the moderators or developers to see

It happened to me way back when, enjoy the remaining time you have then :)


maybe you have auto renewal on


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Are you on Android?


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Oh ok. 🥺

Generally with Android there is a 3 day period after a subscription ends where it is still active for a possible renewal, where after 3 days it will fully end. I don’t believe Apple do this, it may be worth waiting a couple says and see how far it takes you.


Yeah, Apple just kinda stops it

Yeah, I’ve gotten three day extensions before…on Apple.

May be an Apple thing now too then 🤔

Perhaps, that would be nice if it is

I haven’t, Android that is. If the the payment fails, then the subscription stops there and then.

Bruh, why are you saying this like its a bad thing??? Make the most out of it!!!

Enjoy it. The subscription will end, and I don’t know why you’re saying this is a bad thing. This is great news for you. The subscription will end itself, but just know that you’re not paying because the subscription is not still active in the App Store

Grace period.