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Hi, since A350 was released, I flow it a few times and then stopped because I was tired playing infinite flight, nothing related with the Game/Sim itself, related to me, I play it since it was realeased to Android so, I got really tired playing, but recently I started again, since the last update Wich are incredible , so I decided to buy live again, but as it’s been a while since I don’t play, I logged in with my Google Account and today, after buying the subscription, I noticed all my flight time, XP, and everything has missed, I thought it was because of the new grade requirements, but then I tried to log with my Facebook and there was all my logbook and everything else, so just a question and maybe a help from the developers, is there a way to transfer my subscription to the account that I really use ? It’s the same name, same device, just the email that is different but very similar because the Google email is more for jobs so the email looks more professional, and I buyed the subscription a few hours ago… HOPE YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND MY ENGLISH, IM NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER.

Sign in with your facebook account

Under your call sign it shows “signed in with facebook”

So you can rebuy the subscription and request a refund from your respective App Store or contact a moderator and they can transfer your stats over :)

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Hello! I think contacting a moderator would be the best course of action here. They would be able to refund you and then you can purchase a subscription to the correct account.

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Fixed it :)

Just restart the app and you’ll be good to go!


The moderators fixed it to me, thank you

Thanks it worked… I’m really thankful

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