Subscription lapsed, will I lose my progress?

I was on a month to month subscription for maybe 6 months and cancelled since I had a busy schedule this last month. I was about to re-up my subscription but not sure I ever logged into google to sync account. I did so now and it shows I have 0 flight time. I was level 5 last I flew, maybe something like 600 total hours and 800 landings, give or take. Bad news is I don’t have any screenshots of stats. Hopefully something on server side.

My question is, is it all lost if I never connected to google or facebook? If I re-up subscriptiom is there a way to transfer my old data to the new subscription?

I read through multiple threads semi-related to this but didn’t see a clear answer pertaining to my situation “specifically.” Any answers or help greatly appreciated!

Your flight data will always be saved to an account of some description, whether it’s a Google account, a Facebook account or so.

When you sign in, it should automatically pick up your old account.

In the worst case scenario, as long as you can remember the old details, the mods are usually able to transfer the details over from your old account.

Have you tried signing back into your account?
You won’t be grade 5 anymore, but all of your hours should still be present…


Nothing popped up for old account. When I reactivated it gave me some new user account.

I do have screenshots from replays that are still on my game… As well as this shot of my “new” account info.


and how would I not be the same grade that I was if they are able to transfer my old info? If the amounts of hours, landings, etc are all there, shouldnt it be automatic?

Okay, I’m unable to help you any further than this unfortunately… If you wait for a moderator to come online, Seb is probably your best bet, then he will be able to transfer the details across for you hopefully 🙂

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Hey @LT_SLICE - what is the callsign and display name for the account you wish to use?


Callsign/Display name was set as SLICE - LT ret USN

any update on this? just curious

My sincerest apologies. I catched a cold and passed out at the time i planned to take care of this.

Your subscription has now been transferred to the correct account.


Hey, no prob man. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Thanks for the help, y’all are awesome! Get well soon!